sound stone care llc




A Pacific Northwest countertop and floor material staple for several decades now, granite’s shine, color, and sealant can wear over time and use. Sound Stone Care can restore polish and color, re-seal countertop surfaces and repair cracks and chips.



Used in buildings and homes for thousands of years, marble comes in many colors and is relatively soft compared to other stones. Scratching, etching, staining and daily wear are inevitable with marble, but Sound Stone care can restore marble to its original beauty.




A relative newcomer in the countertop world, quartz is durable and matches with many modern design trends. Blemishes, staining, cracks and chips are still possible with even the best quality quartz surfaces however, and Sound Stone Care has a solution for most issues that arise.




Mostly found in floors, travertine is also popular in our area as countertops and vanities. Similar to marble, travertine is susceptible to scratches and etching, and can also be restored to original, or even polished to a higher gloss than most commercially available travertine.